السبت، 14 أغسطس 2010

Iran and Turkey will supply Hezbollah with weapons

According to some satellite news channels , said that Iran and Turkey are tending to provide Hezbollah in Lebanon with weapons for the resistance or if the party was subjected and attacked by Israel.
The decision came despite the refusal of some forces of the Lebanese parties who refuse the presence of Hezbollah Army and they are calling for the disarmament of weapon of the party .
This is because they believe that the presence of an armed party is hurting the prestige of the country .As there mustn't be two armies of one nation or an army within an army or a country within another country.
But from the side of Hezboallah , they think that they have the right to own their own army , as they resist the Zionist enemy and defend their land that is being targeted by Israel .
It is important to notice that both Iran and Turkey don't confirmed this news officially.

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